I'm unsure if I've picked the correct bay shape

by Sharon clarke

I've attached pictures my curtains go ceiling to floor and obviously I have window sill so how far out from the edge of widows do you fit the curtains.

Also if you have the split rail again how do you know where to fit it.

Also I want them To return, is it the 8 bend one I need.


Hi Sharon

Thanks for getting touch and for the photos as they really help me understand what is going on :-)

Bay track width

Firstly you have spurred me on to create a new bay template for this exact bay shape. I had been putting it off for quite some time. always a hundred other things on my "to do list".

So the first thing to fill in the bay calculator is the total track size. In your case because you are hanging long curtains in front of the window sill. You will be measuring around the front edge of the window sill in the bay.

Then adding the returns out of the bay on each side to this to end up with the total track width.
You will need to add a minimum of 15cm to each side for the returns. A typical track return size is 20cm, but you can make them wider and some people like to make them go into the corners of the room. However, this is not what most people do.

You then enter this size into the first box on the form. Only enter the numbers such as "380". Don't enter "cm' or "inches" as this selection is already taken care of above the size box. The default is set to "cm's".

How is the curtain track to fit?

The next thing to do in your case is to select how your bay window curtain track is to fit over your window. You will be selecting option 5 from the list. "Ceiling (with ceiling fix returns out of bay)". Your track will be all ceiling fitted due to the ceiling within the bay being at the same height as the ceiling within the room.

Choosing your bay shape

Once you have completed the above 2 steps the form will open up with other items that need selecting.
The next being choosing your bay shape from the drop down menu. You will be selecting the fifth down in the list "Curved 5 sided bay track with returns 6 bends". This opens an image of your bay shape. This is the correct one for your bay.

If the image did not look right you could go back and select another option until you found the one that looked closest to your bay. Or as you have done you could not find the right bay shape. You just get in touch with me and I can create a bay template for you :-)

Curtain track fittings

Once you have done this you will see the form tells you how many brackets your new bay track will have. As a rule of thumb we allow a bracket every 30cm. This is enough for all but the heaviest of curtains. However, if you are not sure the cost of an extra few brackets is quite small. So even if you ordered then and end up not using all of them. It is better top have and not use. Than not have when fitting and then needing to order more before you can complete your fitting.

The next item the form has calculated for you is the number of gliders for hanging your curtains on the track. We allow approximately 10 gliders per metre of track per curtain. So if the form tells you there will 38 gliders. Then this means you will have double that across the whole track to allow 38 gliders for each curtain.

Will this be enough gliders for you? That will depend on the kind of curtain style you are hanging. If as most people will be hanging gathered pencil pleat curtains. then this allow for a hook every 4th to 5th pocket on the curtain tape. If you like to have the hooks in your curtain closer together. Then you can order extra gliders. Again even if you don't use them all for the extra cost you may decide it will be useful to have some extra just in case. If you are hanging pinch pleat curtains then you won't need anymore.

Curtain track style?

Now we are on to the track style option. You will need to select one of the options in the drop down list. Either having your track in one complete piece. Or in 2 halves with an overlap in the middle. This is great for bedroom curtains with blackout lining. Some people just like the look of overlapping curtains on all windows rather then the curtains butting together on a one piece track. This really is personal preference, no right or wrong.

On a side note some bays are so large that we have to make them in 2 halves simply to transport them. We always advise the customer of this before production assuming they have not already selected this option. However, this is not the case with your bay.

One this option has been completed the form will open up with a couple more items that can be selected but can be ignored id you don't need them. That is the option to buy the same curtain hooks I use myself. Also, the option to buy curtain draw rods. I have a video here showing how these work.

Then other than entering your personal details and making payment the form is completed. After you have made your payment you will receive an email straight away (if you don't see it check in your spam folder). This directs you to the page where you will enter all the final sizes I need to bend your track to the exact shape you need.

Once I have all these sizes it takes around 7 to 10 days for your new bay track to arrive. We email you to let you know if has left and is on route to you.

I hope this has helped you understand how the ordering process works and has not overwhelmed you. However, if at any stage in the process you have any questions then please just let me know. Also, if I have any queries I will get in touch before we start making up your bay track.

I have put a link here to fitting a hand draw bay track video that you may find useful.

All the best


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