Inward opening windows

Inward opening

Inward opening

Hi Lee,
There is very little clearance, 17mm, between the top of the window casement and the ceiling in our bay window. Would your rail be suitable?
Thank you,


Hi Ann

Thanks for getting in touch and these kind of windows can be a real pain in the butt :-)

What I would suggest if you want a neat metal curtain track that will follow the shape of your bay. Is to use this kind of slim line curtain track as shown below.

This can be made to fit most bay shapes. It costs the same as the regular bay tracks we supply.

Ignoring the gliders, the total depth of this track is 10mm deep. So it will be able to be ceiling fixed in your bay. So allowing the window to open inwards under the track profile.

Obviously this track will not carry as much weight as the regular 23mm deep track. However it is still a strong track and will cope with medium weight lined curtains.

If you would like to get a cost for this track to fit your bay window. Then simply use the costing calculator for the regular track. Then if placing your order just add a note letting me know it is for this slimline bay track.

I have put a link just below to the the bay track page on my site where you will find the calculator.

Bay window curtain track calculator

All the best


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