Is it possible to have wall fix brackets within the bay?

Hi Lee,

I would like to order one of your tracks for my bay window however I don't think the options above cover what I require (I could be wrong as I'm very new to this so any thoughts/guidance appreciated)

Basically I think I need a combination of options 1 (Ceiling within Bay Only) and 2 (Ceiling with wall fix return out of bay) - so predominantly attached to the ceiling but with some (potentially more secure?) fixings to the walls at the end.

Is this something that can be provided? Or do you ahve any alternative suggestions based on the attached photos?

The clearance of the window frame from the wall on the sides of the bay widow is just shy of 1.5cm if this impacts things at all



Hi David

Many thanks for getting in touch and for the photos as they really help me understand what is going on.

Firstly, what you need to determine is how you would like your curtains to hang. Your window sills are not very deep but I'm assuming you want your curtains to hang in front of the sill. Rather than down to the sill. If so you will definitely need returns out of the bay on each end of your track.

This will then close the gaps caused by the window sills on the sides.

The returns will be wall fixed on each side. The track within the bay would all be ceiling fixed.

The first 2 ceiling brackets within the bay on each side will almost certainly be into a metal lintel. All bays have a lintel above them just within the bay. The age of your house means this will be metal.

If you buy a pack of these drill bits from Screwfix. See the link below.

3.5mm has drill bits

They will create the right size hole to allow the supplied screws to drive straight in. These brackets will Then be really secure.

The remaining ceiling brackets within the bay will probably need 6mm holes to be drilled with a masonry bit. Then use the plugs and screws provided to secure the brackets.

However, before drilling the holes for the ceiling brackets. I usually just drive the screws in and see what I hit. If it feels really firm. Then job done. You might hit some timber in the celining. For any that are not as secure as you would like them. Then simply remove the screw and slide the bracket to one side. Then drill and plug and slide the bracket over the plug and reinsert the screw. Do this for all the other brackets as necessary.

I have a video of a bay track being fitted just here. This is a splay bay with returns. The principle is exactly the same as for your window.

Bay track fitting video

You also have a radiator in the bay. So if your curtains are to hang in front of the window sills. Then It would be good idea if they also hung in front of the radiator when closed.

However, when measuring your bay take all the measurements from the front edges of your window sill. Then in the "Additional info" box at the bottom of the measuring form you can let me know how much more the radiator sticks out from the front edge of the window sill. We can then factor this in when drawing out your bay template.

If you do place an order then you will receive an email with a link to the above measuring page with info to help you.

Finally, if you were only planning on having curtains that hang down to the window sill. That also hang just within the bay. Then I would still ceiling fix it rather than wall fix. You don't have a wall over the window within the bay. So the brackets would have to secure to the top of the window frames. There seems little point in this considering how close to the ceiling the track would be fitted this way.

I think I have covered everything and that my explanations are not too confusing. If you do need any further help then please get in touch via the contact form here.

All the best


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