Large square bay

by Jane
(Coventry )

We have a large square bay window approx 4200 wide x1100 deep. We are looking for a plain white curtain track which would allow a return bend in order to take some of the curtains off the window, otherwise the end windows are lost completely when the curtains are open. We already have roller blinds along the long window length for sun shading. The track needs to be ceiling fixed in the bay and wall fixed outside the bay. The ceiling in the bay is plasterboard on wooden battens which are aligned with the window frames.

What would you recommend for the size of the returns? I had been thinking 20 to 25 cm but wasn’t sure whether that would work with the radius of the bend.

From your site I understand that a track this size will need to be in two parts with an overlap. Is that correct?

I would like advice about accurate measurement, especially to allow for clearance of roller blinds.

Do wall fixings need to take account of picture rail, which is 3.5 cm proud of wall?

Hi Jane

That is a big bay window you have there :-)

Firstly you are correct that I can only make bay tracks up to 6 metres in one complete piece. It would also be very difficult to transport at that size.

You have 2 options when it comes to how we make the middle work. Either have the overlapping tracks as you mentioned. However, some people just don't like the look of these. I personally think once they are fitted you tend to forget it is even there.

The other option I don't currently advertise on my website is the joining splice. This fits in the back of the track. This allows to ends of the track to butt together. Then be held in place. This far superior to the kinds of joining splice you see on shop bought curtain tracks.

The only downside is that the gliders can snag on this join. This largely down to the fact that ceilings are rarely completely flat. So when the track is fixed to the ceiling. The ends of the tracks may not meet perfectly.

Some people are willing to accept this to get the clean look they are after. Only you can decide which works best for you. The main benefit of the overlap option is that one curtain completely overlaps the other when closed. Rather than butting together.

Now to your other question regarding the radius of the bends out of the bay on each side. The radius of the bend on these tracks is 10cm. I would need to know if you are having longer curtains that hang in front of the window sill. If so then there would be no problems making your track work.

If you plan on having shorter curtains that hang down to the window sill. Then the track on the sides of the bay would have sit a minimum of 7cm away from the side window/wall to allow it to clear the corner of the bay.

As to clearing the roller blinds across the main part of the window. I would say a minimum gap of 5cm. Assuming your curtains are to hang to the window sill. If your curtains are hanging in front of the window sill. Then measuring the front edges of the sill would be the best approach.

I would also use 4cm wall fixed brackets on the returns out of the bay on each side. This would be sufficient to allow the clearance of the picture rail.

I hope this helps you decide it this is something you would like to do. I have sent you a hello via your email. If you would like to discuss this further then please get back to me.

All the best


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