Measuring a square bay window

by Helen

Hi there,

We'd like a square bay track to hang our heavy bedroom curtains. We have sash windows and would need to fix the track to the top of the sash wood. This is where a previous plastic track was fitted when we moved in. When we hung our curtains up however the whole thing fell down, mainly because the brackets were cheap plastic and they all snapped, pulling down the track. But the wood is good and fine to drill into.

We can't take the track beyond the length of the window frames however as the cornicing starts from there.

Should I measure exactly from the length of the window frame into the inner corners, or do I need to knock off a cm or two to allow for the bend? Also, as we are on ground flood with street lights, we'd like to overlap the curtains in the middle (perhaps this will make measuring easier as it won't be one entire length that has to fit perfectly inside the bay).

Thanks Lee,


Hi Helen

Thanks for asking your question and when it comes to measuring. You don't have to deduct anything for the bends or allow anything for the centre overlap.

I use the full sizes you provide to create a template of your bay. Then mark out how the track will fit within the bay.

Initially all you need to do is to complete the order form giving the total width of the track around all three sides of your bay. Include an extra 20cm past the window on to wall each side. Assuming there's enough wall space. This will let you stack your curtains off the window more when open. Say how many bends you need (sounds like 2). Then select which side overlaps the other.

Once you have placed your order. You will receive an email with a guide to measuring. If still unsure you can ask me a question. Then you will be able to fill in your bay sizes on a form back on the website.

As to where to fit the track. As you say fix to the wooden window trim just under the cornice. I do this regularly and is a good secure place.

I hope that helps.

All the best


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