Measuring question - square bay

by Vicky

Hi there,

When measuring the length around the bay, should I measure against the wall right to the corners or measure the length I want the track i.e. measure where the blue dotted line denotes the track on your square bay picture? so if choosing a 4cm wall bracket projection, measure to the corner less 4 cm etc.

many thanks

Hi Vicky

A very good question and one many others get confused with when it comes to measuring properly for a new made to measure bay window curtain track.

You don't need to worry about trying to measure where you think the track needs to be. I do all the working out when I draw out your bay shape on my big table in the workshop.

All I need if the track is being fitted to the wall over your window, or to the top of the window frame. Are the the widths of the walls or frames on each side of your bay. If the track is coming out of the bay into the room on each side (returns). Then you will need to measure the width of these.

I draw all these sizes out then draw another line within this line. This second line is determined by the bracket size chosen when you order.

Having said all this about where to measure. to start with when placing an order using the "Bay track calculator" form on my website. All you need is the width the track needs to be. That is adding all the sides of the bay plus returns if needed. This is the figure you enter in the box at the top of the form "Total track width".

Don't worry about getting this figure perfectly correct. Within a few cm's will be just fine. Then select how the track is to fit from the options.

Then select your bay shape from the drop down menu.

Then you have the option to add a few extra brackets if you are hanging very heavy curtains. The tracks come with a bracket approx. every 30cm as standard.

Then the final required option is do you want your new bay track to be in one complete piece. Or would you like the tracks to come in two halves that overlap in the middle. You can have them "left over right" or "right over left".

This a good option to choose for bedroom windows when hanging blackout curtains. With this option when closed one curtain would overlap the other giving complete closure.

All the options on the form from this point can be chosen or ignored.

Once you have placed your order and made payment. You will automatically receive an email. this will have a link to a page on my site showing your bay shape. There will be template to follow and boxes for all the sizes I will need to bend your new bay track accurately.

I do ask for a photo of your bay window to be uploaded either with your initial order. Or when you submit your final sizes. I then look over your photo and compare it to the final sizes. I then decide if I am happy to proceed with the making. Or if I need top query something before I get started.

As an average I would say that every 5th or 6th order. I need to query something. Doing this helps to cut down mistakes to almost nothing.

Another thing that gives my customer confidence is that if something does go wrong. I take responsibility and would make a new track if necessary.

I hope this helps you find your way around the ordering process. however, if you have any further questions. Then please feel free to ask.

All the best


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