Need double tracks for two difficult bay windows

by Emma

Hi there,

We have two big bay windows that both need ceiling fixes within the bay, and wall fix returns out of bay. We'd like to hang two sets of curtains on both of them (one fine sheer layer and one slightly heavier blackout layer but not super heavy). We like the overlap 'right over left' options. Do you think it's possible for us to fit two curtain tracks, one that has sheers and doesn't come out of the bay, then one that will hold the heavier curtains that does come out of the bay? We think we will leave the sheers layer covering the window most of the time (for privacy), so we don't think that layer needs the return section.

We have tried many solutions but due to the ceiling-mounting issue, all of the store-bought tracks have been frustrating for us. Looking forward to buying one of your solutions instead.


Hi Emma

Thanks for getting in touch and I hope we can help you with this project. Often the only proper solution to bays like yours is a custom made one.

Our regular bay window curtain tracks will do the job needed here. They will fit to the ceiling within the bay. Then be wall fixed on the returns out of the bay.

As you say the sheer track has only to cover the three sides within the bay. This will follow the front lip of the window sill if hanging long sheers to the floor.

The main track would fit 10cm forward of this track. This will give enough room for the main curtains to move without dragging the sheer curtains with them.

The main track would return out of the bay on each side and be fixed using wall brackets. I recommend the tracks pass over the side walls about 20cm. This gives enough room for the curtains to stack off the bay window when open. It also allow for good positioning of the wall brackets.

I have attached a sketch of how the tracks would look fitted in the bay.

I see you would like the overlapping tracks option "right over left". Usually we do this for the main curtains front track. Then on the rear sheer curtain track. We make the track in 2 pieces that connect using the heavy duty joining splice.

We don't currently have a calculator on the website that handles double curtain track pricing. However, after running your details through the regular bay track calculator. bay double track would cost £374.00 including delivery.

If you were to order both double bay tracks together. We would be able to give you a discount of 25%. Giving you a discount of £187.00.

This would bring the total cost for both bays including delivery to £561.00

You get an idea of what this track arrangement looks like below. A different shapes window but the same principle.

If you would like to go ahead with this project. Then get in touch with us via the contact form here.

We will then email you templates to follow.

All the best, Lee

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