Please help with ordering a bay window track 😭

by Nicola
(Kent )

Hi Lee. I really am unsure where to start. I'm in desperate search of obtaining a track to fit curtains in this bay and not have to just fix a track or rail across the whole front of it.

I'm so worried that I will mess up providing the correct information regarding the measurements and angles trying to order a custom-made track!

Hi Nicola

Thanks for getting in touch and fear not you will get a bay window curtain track that fits perfectly. If we make one and it doesn't fit well. Then we would simply make another one for you. So you are not taking a risk in dealing with us.

We can offer this guarantee as we very rarely have to remake any of our bay tracks.

I'm in the process of doing a short video showing how the ordering process works. In the meantime, I will run you through the process. It is very simple and just a couple of steps.

The first step is to decide if you want the curtains to hang just within the bay. Or whether you would like them to return out of the bay on each side into the room.

If you have existing curtains of a certain width. This might make the decision for you. Having the track within the bay will cost less as the track width will be less. Also, you will have 2 fewer bends on the track.

If the curtains hang just within the bay. Then the curtains when open will probably encroach a little onto the side windows.

If the curtains hang around the corners of the bay into the room. then you will be able to completely clear the curtains off the side windows when open. Obviously, this will cost more.

I have put a couple of images here to show you what the difference is between the 2 options.

Curtains hanging within bay

Curtains hanging out of bay on returns

The first one shows curtains hanging just within the bay.

The second image shows the curtains returning out of the bay on each side.

Ordering your new bay track

Click on the link just here, or on the banner at the top of every page. Regular bay window curtain tracks

Then if you have decided to go with curtains hanging within the bay. You will need to measure either just the 3 sides within the bay. In your case, I recommend you measure the front edges of the window sill. Then enter this total size into the Track width box.

Next, you will need to decide how your track is to fit. I recommend you select option "1. Ceiling fix within bay only"

Then you will now see a drop-down menu called. "Bending service (within bay only). Select option 2. Splay bay with 2 bends" Your bay is what we call a splay bay shape.

Those are the 3 most important steps on this order form. You will now have the option to order extra brackets and extra gliders. You should not need these unless you are hanging very heavy curtains.

You will also be asked if you want your track to be made in one complete piece. Or if you would like to have overlapping tracks. This option is great in a bedroom especially if hanging blackout curtains.

Finally, at the bottom of the form, you will enter your personal details. Then make payment using a credit or debit card.

You will then receive an email immediately with a link to the final measuring page for your bay shape on the website. This page is where you will give us some more sizes so we can bend your track correctly. There is a template for your to follow. in your case again all your sizes will be taken from the front edges (room side) of your window sill. Then click to send over all your details and we will make up your track and get it to you in around 7 days.

If you decide you would like your curtains to come out of the bay on each side. Then the process is almost the same as above. The only difference is that you will need to add another 20cm to each end of your track width. So another 40cm to the size within the bay.

Then on the track fixing to option you would select option 2. Ceiling (with wall fix returns out of bay)

This will then open up the drop-down menu "Bending service (with returns)". Now select option 2 down the list "Splay bay with returns 4 bends".

The only other question you will need to answer this time is what size brackets you will need on the return ends of your bay track. In your case again I would recommend you choose the 4cm wall brackets. This will allow the track to return out of the bay on each side without catching on the corners of the bay.

Now the big thing is to not panic when filling in the form. Just take your time and if you are unsure about what options you should select. Then click on what you think is right. If something pops up that you are not sure of. Then try another option and see what comes up.

We ask you to send us at least one photo of your bay with your order. So when your order comes through. We compare the order details against the photo. If there looks like a problem. We have a chat with you about it before we start.

Then after receiving your final sizes. We draw out your bay shape on the table in the workshop. Again if any of the sizes don't look correct. We will query it with you before going any further.

The system we have here means that we collect all the information we need. So it is only a few orders that need querying.

I hope this helps you get this project underway :-)

All the best, Lee

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