Space for curtain track brackets?

by Adrian

We are getting new windows in a few weeks to replace the wooden frames we have now. Up to now the curtain track has been attached to the wooden frame, which will no longer be possible.

But there is only 3-4cm space between the window frame and the cornice. A ceiling mounted track won’t work because the cornice is large (see images).

I will need a 6cm projection and my question is, will the wall brackets fit in the space available?


Hi Adrian

Thanks for getting in touch and for asking this question. I don't get asked this very often but it is an important issue for people like yourself.

The seat of the 6cm wall fix curtain bracket is 32mm (3.2cm) deep. I have attached an image of the bracket just below.

It is 10mm deeper than the standard 3cm & 4cm wall fix brackets. This is because the downward force is greater on the longer bracket.

After looking at your close-up images. I can see there is a wooden window surround. Often when old wooden frames are removed and new frames are installed. This decorative surround remains in place. Maybe this is the case with you. If so you could potentially fit your brackets slightly higher onto the flat wooden trim above. I have added one of your photos just below with a dotted line showing the possible bracket/track position.

Let me know what you think about this fixing position. Unless you know for certain this window surround is being removed. If so you may have to wait until the new windows are installed before knowing what if any options are available.

All the best


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Broken image link fixed
by: Lee

Hi Adrian

You are correct that the 4cm bracket will fit the space. That is as long as it projects out far enough over the window surround.

I have just fixed the broken link on the second image showing the potential track/bracket position.

by: Adrian

I will speak to the surveyor next week and he’ll be able to tell me what space I’ll have. I should be able to manage with a 4mm projection anyway, so that would only need 2.2mm space wouldn’t it?

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