Uncertain of what bay window measurements to supply

by Mark

Hi Lee,

I was about to press 'order' but then hesitated as uncertain about which measurements to supply.
If measure around the window sill, as per video, I get a different measurement to the one taken where the rail will be fitted (see attached photo). Could you advise about which measurements I should provide, please? Other photos of bay included.

Cheers, Mark Davison

Hi Mark

Thanks for getting in touch and I'm Assuming you want to replace the track you have with a new one fitted in the same position.

So it will have wall/frame fix brackets rather than being fitted to the ceiling.

Then you are correct that measuring the front lip of the window sill. Is not the best place to take your overall track width. You will instead measure the walls/window frame where the existing track is fitted. So following the green letters on your diagram.

If you had used the window sill and side walls as your track width for placing your order. It would not of been a huge problem. As long as you selected the wall brackets you wanted.

Then on the final measurements form. As long on this form you measured where the track is to fit.
Then it would have all worked out.

On the final measurements form you would have been redirected to after placing your order. There is a list of measuring position options. This is a required field on the form. One option is "measured from the front lip of the window sill". If you had selected this. We would have then seen you had selected wall fix brackets. So we would have got back to you and double checked exactly where you measured from. Sometimes people just tick the wrong option but have measured in the correct place. Other times they have measured in the wrong place for how they want their new bay track to fit.

In this case we would email back a copy of their bay window with a dotted line added showing where they need to measure.

So as you can see we almost always pick up on incorrect measuring or incorrect choices.

In your case on the final measuring form you would select "I measured from the wall/window frame over my windows. (Usually when fitting to the walls over the windows in the bay)".

I think that covers everything and I hope it helps you get your order placed. I always double check all order details as they come in. So it's very rare something goes wrong.

On the rare occasion something does. We take full responsibility. As it's our job to guide you through the process successfully.

All the best, Lee

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