Unusual bay

by Steven

Hi Lee. I have an unusually shaped bay window. There does not appear to be an obvious place to attach the curtain rail in a way that would look good.

Can you see a solution that would work with a combination of ceiling and wall fixing? Thanks

Hi Steven

I must admit that I haven't seen such a challenging window in a very long while. Having the raised section behind the beam across the mouth of the bay. Along with the curved edges to the window recesses.

No matter how I have considered fixing a track in place on this bay window. And I have considered every option including custom making some fittings. It still won't work in a manner that would look good.

If this was my window and I really wanted to hang curtains. I would fit a false plasterboard ceiling to close the hole behind the beam and the tops of the windows. This would then give you a flat surface flowing from the beam across the front of the bay to the tops of the window recesses.

This in my opinion would give a more pleasing look to the window. Whilst also allowing you to fit a ceiling-mounted bay window curtain track.

I'm sure that is probably not the solution you were hoping for. However, I believe it is the only way to get curtains to hang on this window.

Finally, the only other possible option would be to fit a track/ pole over the top and outside the bay. Then have the curtains close straight across the front of the bay. So closing the bay off when the curtains are closed.

All the best


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