What to expect with corded track centre pulleys

If you've ordered a corded bay track from us, then it's going to almost certainly come in two halves and it's going to have center pulleys like these. Now, these center pulleys in the middle are going to just butt together and then you're going to fit the bracket, see the ceiling or wall fixed. So I want to show you quickly how it works to make sure that you get them lined up properly. So if you want to move in closer, we'll have a quick look at that.

Right. So you've got your two center pulleys butted together an it's ceiling fixed. So you're going to fix the first one through the ceiling bracket up to the ceiling, then you're going to present the second side together.

And once you're happy there, it's lined up nicely, either drive a screw into the bracket on this side or mark it with a pencil. And then commit to fitting. And what you're going to find is that these two pulleys will line up perfectly in line when fixed to the ceiling way. Now, if these are going to be wall fixed, then we're using wall fixed brackets, then you're gonna fit the first wall bracket on one side of the track.

And your track's going to be fitted in the bracket, and the bracket's secured to the wall, then you present the second track to the wall, but what you're going to do this time is you're going to fit the bracket.

To the track, but not fit it to the wall yet. You're then going to present the two pulleys together like so. And when you're happy that they're perfectly lined up, are either the top or the bottom of the bracket with a small pencil mark, then you can take the bracket off, secure it to the wall, then fit the second track in, and you know that both the tracks are going to be lined up perfectly like. So the benefit of having these tracks separate with the center pulley and the cord is that when you they arrive and you present them together, there's no connecting, there's no fixing, messing around It's a really simple system.

So there you have it. Wall fixed or ceiling fixed, it's about lining the pulleys up in the middle of the window, and, either ceiling fix is going to be that way or wall fixes that way So you're fixing one side, then you're going to commit to fixing the second side.

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