Where should i attach the track?

by Kim North

top of window frame where it meets ceiling

top of window frame where it meets ceiling

We have recently replaced our windows and have decided to replace our curtain pole with a track. I have just placed an order for a 3.5-4m track from your website.

What I would like to know is where i should attach the track. The top of the window edging/ architrave buts up to the ceiling so there is no wall to attach the track to, so i think it will need to be attached to the architrave? The ceiling will not be an option as the curtains we have were made to attach to a pole, so the drop will not be long enough if attached to the ceiling.

I have attached a photo for you and in the photo you can see where the pole was attached to the wall at both end of the top of the windows. Please can you advise?

Many thanks, Kim

Hi Kim

Very good question and one quiet a few people struggle with. You are right that the only place to fit your curtain track is to the wooden trim at the top of your window. So that the top edge of your track is in line with the top of the trim.

The side lengths of your track should be approx 20cm past the window on each side. assuming there is enough wall space. The only trouble you will find is that the track will be 2 or 3cm further out from the wall. That is the extra 20cm of track past the window trim on each side.

So fixing the last bracket to the wall on each side will need a little extra help. As when the bracket is fixed in to the back of the track. There will still be a gap of 2-3cm between the back of the bracket and the wall where it needs to fix securely. In this situation I use spacers. These can be purpose made spacers. Or simply a small piece of wood with a hole drilled in the middle for a screw to pass through. You would simply put a longer fixing screw through the bracket and through the spacer before you fix to the wall. Your curtains will hide the spacers when hung.

Having said all that about spacers. It may not be necessary to use a bracket past the window trim if your curtains are not going to be very heavy. The tracks we supply are very strong and can often support themselves for a fair distance past the last bracket.

When fitting a new bay track and hanging curtains. I just fit and test how it goes. If you feel it needs more support. Then simply slide your curtains to the centre of the track. Then unclip the last couple of brackets on each side and let the track hang down a little. Then you can fix the extra brackets on each side with spacers behind. Then click the track back on to the last few brackets on each side.

I hope that helps you with this project.

all the best




Hi Lee, the curtain track is up and looks great. The curtains are up and they look fantastic. Thank you so much for the track and your help and advice. What a great product and service.

Two pics attached for you, hope they’re ok?

Very happy for you to add them and my comments to your website.

Many thanks,

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