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Bay Window

Bay Window


I'm thinking of getting a bay track for our living room to replace the rather sad bay pole inherited from the previous owner. As the windows go all the way up to the ceiling, the track would need to be ceiling fixed, but I wondered whether there would be a benefit to fixing the ends of the
track which to the walls and whether that is what the option 'ceiling & wall brackets on returns' on the quote means, although our window shape doesn't have returns? Would this make the track sturdier? Or is it better to fix to the ceiling only? The curtains are thick linen and thermal lined so they are rather heavy. Thanks in advance!



Hi I J,

You are correct about the wall fix/ceiling fix bracket option. You can select this option and I will supply 4 brackets that will allow you to fix to the wall. These brackets are universal as in they will fix to a wall or a ceiling. These brackets will fit behind your curtains when hanging. So they will not be seen.

Thanks for the photo of your bay window. It really helps me visualise whats going on. What I would recommend for your bay window. Is to use the wall fix brackets to fix to the Wooden window frame on each side. You would have 2 brackets fairly close together secured into wood. This will give you a solid support for the track on each side of your window. This is where all the weight is when your curtains are open and hanging on each side of the window.

What I would recommend is that you measure further past the wooden frame on each side. Probably another 10 to 15cm past each side. This will allow your curtains to pull back further off the window when open. At the moment your bay pole stops at the edge of the frame. The extra length of track would be supported with a final ceiling fix bracket on each side. So you would have a ceiling bracket, then 2 wall brackets on each end of your new track. then all the other brackets between would be ceiling fix. These are neater looking brackets.

When It comes to fitting the new track. What I do is to (with some help) hold the track up to the ceiling where I want to fix it. Then using a power driver I drive the screws provided straight through the hole in the bracket directly in to the ceiling. I do this for all the ceiling brackets. What I often find is that some of the screws hit timber joists. This means you don't have to drill and plug the screw holes.

I then revisit the screws that didn't find a firm fixing. Using a bit of force I slide these brackets to one side just a little. Then drill and plug the hole. Sometimes you can simply force a manual screwdriver in to the screw hole and twist a couple of times.Then push the plug in to the hole.

Finally when it comes to measuring your bay. We will ask for the measurements straight across your bay. However This won't give us a true measurement. This is because your window frame projects out by 2 or 3cm past the wall on each side. So you will need to give me the depth of the frame. Then I can use this size in my calculations when bending the track. The same thing will happen when you measure the diagonals on your bay. You will be measuring from the wall on each side of your bay where the track is to end. Always a good idea to use a pencil to mark this spot on each side of your bay. Then diagonally across your bay to the opposite internal corner. This point is where the wooden window frame meets the ceiling in the corners.

Don't worry to much about all the sizes you need to give at this moment. Once you have place your order. You will get a measuring template showing you all the sizes needed. I would recommend an extra pair of hands when you take the sizes. Also to measure twice to be double sure.

I do check all the sizes before making up the new bay tracks. If I then
spot something that does not look right, I will ask a couple more questions before i get started. If I have not made myself clear on any
point. Then please feel to ask me to ask me again.

All the best


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