Where to fit my curtain track

by Ellie
(Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire)


We have horizontal wood effect blinds in our bay window but also want to hang curtains for extra warmth, to block out the light and to make it cosier in our bedroom.

However we are not sure how we would go about hanging curtains in this window.

We want the curtains inside the bay rather than outside if possible.

I believe we would need to attach the track to the ceiling but I am really not sure.

Any advice you could have would be brilliant, and any prices for the curtain tracks and accessories we would need!

The window measures 143cm from ceiling (inside bay) to sill.

The smaller 2 panes are approx 56cm wide and the larger middle pane is approx 153cm wide.

Many thanks,


Hi Ellie

Firstly thanks for the photos and they really helps with giving you the best answer possible. You are correct in thinking that fixing to the ceiling is the best way forward.

This will give you the best look and will be secure enough for hanging curtains of even the heavy variety.

I fit these bay window curtain tracks to ceilings every week. The screws and plugs supplied work for almost every job I do.

Occasionally if the ceiling is in poor condition. Such as an original ceiling in a victorian property I may have to try other fixings to get a secure track. However I don't think you will have problems looking at the window in your photos.

The bulk of the weight is going to be at the ends of the track on both sides of the bay. When your curtains are stacked back to each side. The brackets across the rest of the bay don't have to carry as much weight.

These tracks run super smooth as they have been sprayed with silicone. So your curtains will open and close with no effort. They just glide along. Often when curtain track start to pull away from their fixing points. It is because people have been dragging the curtains open and closed across an old badly running track over a period of time.

The image below shows you where the best fixing points are usually within the bay ceilings. The dotted line shows the location of the bay supporting beam behind the ceiling. This is often a metal lintel. Or occasionally a timber beam.

If it is timber, then great you can fix by simply driving in a screw to fix the bracket. It metal then I usually use a 3.5mm hss drill bit to pilot the hole. Then use a power driver to drive in a screw directly in to the lintel.

I have put the link here to Screwfix showing exactly the drill bits I use for this job.

Erbauer 3.5mm hss drill bits

You have 2 options as to track style with this window. You can have the track just within the bay as per the image below.

Splay bay  track shape

Or if you want to pull the curtains more off the windows for maximum light then you can have the bay track return out off the window on each side as per the image below.

Splay bay with returns track shape

The ends of the bay track that return out of the bay on each side will fix to the wall with wall fix brackets rather then the ceiling fix brackets within the bay.

Now to give you an idea of costs for each bay window curtain track style. I have run your sizes through the calculator.

Splay bay track (2 bends, within bay only) with ceiling fix brackets. Including main land UK delivery £ 114.60

Splay bay track with returns (4 bends) with ceiling fix brackets within bay, wall fix brackets on the returns. Including main land UK delivery £ 155.50

These prices are for guidance only as there are various options you may or may not want to add to your order.

I think that about covers everything you asked about. However if I have missed something, or if you have more questions. Then please just ask.

All the best


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