Where to put the track in my square bay window

by Rob
(Canterbury )

Hello Lee

I have a square bay and there is currently a plastic track screwed to the top of the frame. The wood slopes outwards slightly so the brackets do not sit nicely and may prevent reducing the angle to bend the track. Siting the track on the ceiling is not an option due to the wide cornice. Any thoughts. Rob

Hi Rob

I can see what you mean and have come across similar situations myself. There is no other option but to fit as you have done with your existing track. You could try fitting little wedges behind each bracket. However, this will not look very nice.

What I would do if fitting one of my metal tracks in this bay. Is to fit the brackets evenly spaced but as you have here keep the brackets away from the corners with the new bay track.

The radius of my tracks is 10cm, so about half what you have currently. This along with the wide-spaced brackets on the corners. Will allow for the track to clip to the brackets without any major problems.

I know the straight sections of the bay track will still slightly tilt down. However, it will still look a hundred times better than the existing track.

I hope that makes sense, if not then please let me know.

All the best


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