Bay window curtain track size?

I have the exact measurements of my windows from the documentation given to me when they were replaced but my question is do you add additional tolerance either side so that when curtains are hung you do not see the frame at the sides or do I need to add that to my window length before ordering to ensure the track is long enough. The rail will end within the bay.

Hi, Firstly it is almost impossible for me to advise you without being able to see your bay window. If you want to send me a photo of your bay window using the contact form here. I would then get back to you and advise on what sizes you would need to take. Also, where the track was likely to fit to achieve the best hanging curtains.

However, on the order form where you give me the total width you want your new bay track to be.
You would measure where you believe your curtain track would start on one side of your bay. Then measuring around the bay where you see your track fitting. All the way to the other end of the track.

After placing your order with this initial track width and selecting from the other form options. Then making payment. You will receive an email with a link to the measuring page for your bay shape. On this page is a measuring template for you to follow.

You will be measuring your actual bay window here.
You have a couple of options depending on how your track is to fit within the bay.

You are not measuring for the track. After you have send me the final sizes so I can draw out bay shape. I then determine where your track will fit within the bay depending on how you want your curtains to hang.

So this is effectively a 2 part process. The first part is the general collecting the general info needed.

Then the second part is collecting the exact sizes needed for bending your bay window curtain track properly.

All the best


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