Bay window track fixed to wall won't allow curtains to close

by Jane
(Derby )

I moved into a new property that has a curtain track above the blinds inside the bay.

The curtains won't draw as the verticle blinds stick out too far for the track, are there any batons or fixings that will extend this or would it be easier to just have a ceiling track?

Hi Jane

I do have 6cm brackets that would probably be able to fix to the front edge of the board over your blinds. This might bring the track far enough out. However, I would not really recommend doing this.

You are right to suggest fixing the track to the ceiling. This would be the easiest way to fit a track in this bay. It would also be the most pleasant looking way to do the job.

I have put a link here to a page on my website where I discuss fitting to plasterboard ceilings.

Another page that discusses fitting these kinds of bay windows is here bay track fitting guide.

To get an idea of cost for one of these white metal custom made bay track. Go on the Bay track page here.

Then use the calculator at the bottom of the page.

Enter the total width you would like the track to be.

Select "track fixing to the ceiling within bay only".

Then select from the drop-down menu "Curved bay"

That will give you a price for the supply of a made to measure curved track to fit your window properly.

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