Bay window track

Dear Lee

I see from some of the pictures that all the curtain tracks are fixed to the ceiling.

Is this always the case as we are looking for a track that can be fixed to the top of the window frame which is some 300mm from the ceiling and coving. I can send pictures if required...


I know a lot of the photos on the website show ceiling fixed bay window curtain track. This is because most bays tend to work best when the track is fitted this way.

I'm assuming you want to take down the bay pole and replace it with a better working metal bay track.

In your case because of the coving at ceiling level. This won't work properly as the track would fit too far out from the window. So wall fixing over the window frame. Or directly fixing to the top edges of the window surround.

If you fix to the window trim. Then 3cm brackets would work well. If fixing to the wall above the windows. Then selecting 4cm wall brackets would work better to project the track a little further away from the wall. This will help the curtains pass the window surrounds that stick out by about 2 to 3cm.

If you send me a few more photos of your bay. One at sill level, then another showing the side of your bay. Then another showing the complete bay.

This will allow me to get an overall picture of what needs to be done. Also if let me know if the curtains are to hang to the sill (if you have one). Or past the sill (maybe to the floor).

All you need to place an order is the total width you want the new bay window curtain track to be. Don't worry where the bends are at this stage. Then choose from some other options and place your order.

Then you will receive an email with a link to a page on the website where you will enter all the exact sizes we need to make your bay track successfully. This page has tips and advice on how to measure properly. It also has a short video explaining the measurement process.

I look forward to getting your other photos.

All the best


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