Blinds in my bay

by Keith Daniels


I'm fitting blinds in my bay. They are at least 90mm off the window frame, 35mm for the handles and 60mm according to the blind manufacturer.

I've measured the total length of the bay, which comes to 2930mm.

Will these dimensions work with the blinds? Should I wait until I've fitted the blinds and re-measure the total length? Your track needs to be inside the roller blind and not close to the window frame.

The fitting of the blinds will affect the reveal dimension and I may have to return the curtains outside the bay.

Many thanks,


Hi Keith

Firstly if you send me a photo of your Bay window via the contact form. It will give me a lot better idea in visualising how it will work.

From what you tell me it sounds like the track needs to be ceiling fixed within the bay. Then possibly wall fixed as it returns out of the bay.

The good thing with this arrangement is that the track can be moved and fixed anywhere it needs to be. The most important thing to consider is how you want the curtains to hang.

I would say that the blinds will probably wind down to the window sill. Then the bay track should be fixed so the curtains will hang in front of the window sill. Either a little lower than the sill or down to the floor. This will ensure there is enough room for the blinds and the curtains to operate freely.

If this sounds like the arrangement you need. Then measuring the front edges of your window sills will be the best way to get the total length your track needs to be. Include the returns out of the bay on each side.

Don't worry about where the bends need to be or the angles. After you place your initial order. You will then receive a guide to measuring your Bay shape accurately.

After I have received all your finished sizes. I will then create a template of your bay. If anything does not look right at this point. Then I will get in touch before I go any further.

I hope this helps you understand the way it all works. If you have any further questions. Then please feel free to ask.

All the best, Lee

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