Curtain for door with no space

by Jennie

Front door and window

Front door and window

I want a curtain over my front door and adjacent window, but there's not room for the curtain to hang next to the door when the curtain is open.

However, there is a bit of spare wall at a right angle to the door. (There's not room the other side of the window because of the stairs).

A right-angle bend in the rail would allow the curtain to hang out of the way of the door. I'm assuming that a rail for a right-hand bay with 1 right-angle bend would be the thing to order?

Also, I have only a single curtain (to cover both door and window), so don't need a join or overlap - do I still need to order a splice?

Thank you.

Hi Jennie

Thanks for getting in touch and I can see it's a difficult situation. There is no perfect solution. It's more of what is the least problematic way to hang a curtain.

Your suggestion to have the track bend onto the wall on the right of the door. Is a good idea. However, if the curtain is thick and heavy it will cause the door to struggle to open fully.

You may consider this an acceptable solution. Also when the curtain is drawn across the track to the left. It will drape over the first 2 steps on the stairs.

Another option would be to have just a straight track over the door and side window. Then hang the curtain on the left. It would all drape over the first 2 steps when stacked back to the left. However, you would have the same arrangement as before when closed.

You could if you felt the curtain was draping over too much of the stairs. Pull the curtain up into a tieback. This would lift some of the curtain off the stairs. This arrangement would also prevent any issue with having the curtain on the right wall interfering with the door opening fully.

I will leave you to decide which of these options is more preferable to you.

All the best


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