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Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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    Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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Curtain rod for arched window

by Alison

Hi there, I am trying to get a rod to fit on an arched window but am having real trouble trying to find something. Every time I think I've found the answer, the item is in USA. Can you advise please?

Hi Alison

As you have found there are no real off the shelf products that will work for these types of windows.

Even if you got an arched curtain track. The problem is the gliders would all want to drop down to the sides.

You could fit the track with fixed gliders so they don't move. I'm sure you are aware that your curtains would have to be in the closed position and stationery on the window when hanging. Then to have them open you would have to pull them off the window and hold them off the window in tie backs.

If I was to dress this window with arched top curtains. I would forget about fitting any kind of curtain track. I would simply fit evenly spaced eyelet around the arch. Either into the ceiling or into the window frame.

Then use these to put the curtain hooks in. Once the curtains are hanging you would not really see what they are hanging from. You can see these hooks at Screwfix and I have put the link just below.


The biggest challenge will be getting the arch on your curtains to match the arch over the window.

I hope this curtain hanging idea is something you are happy to try :-)

All the best


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