Fixing rail to bay window ceiling

by Gill

Bay window

Bay window

Hi Lee

We have just moved into a new house. I love the bay window but I have never had one before so I am a little worried about how the rail and curtains will fit.

I'd like the curtains to sit on the window sill and I think they would hang better if they were a couple of inches back from the glass. This would mean fixing the rail to the ceiling and I know my husband is concerned about this in case it is not strong enough. Can you offer any advice on fitting to the ceiling?

Also, how would you shape the track at the ends? I would like it to come out of the bay with a return on the side walls of about 9".

Thanks in advance for your advice.


Hi Gill

Tell your husband not to worry about fixing your track to the ceiling. It is the best place to fix on a bay of this kind. I dread to think how many over nearly 30 years I have fitted myself :-)

When it comes to your bay I would measure it as a 7 sided bay. This counting the 5 window panels and the bay walls on each side.

However when it comes to making the track I would recommend giving it more of a gentle curve within the bay. Rather than obvious bends. It will look more pleasing to the eye.

The only really accute bends will be on the ends. Where it returns out of the bay on each side.

The fact that this track hugs the ceiling when fitted. Unlike many other curtain track styles. Means it gives a stronger fitting. It will also have the more discreet ceiling fix brackets within the bay. This means the brackets can mostly not been seen until you are almost under the track.

Rather than going in to major detail regarding the best way to go about fitting one of my bay tracks successfully. I have put a link below to a page on my site. This page is an email discussion with a previous customer called Paul. Where we both discuss this very issue.

I think you will find this very usefull when it comes time to fit your new bay track.

Fitting guide

I have also put a link to the measuring guide page below. If you place an order via the order form on the bay track page. You will automatically be sent an email. This email amongst other info has a link to this page. So just have a look over this page but don't complete it before completing the order form.

If you decide you want to buy a bay track from us. Then to get the best price and the curved track. You need to choose from the drop down menu "Bending Service (with returns)". The 8th option "Curved bay with returns 1 rolling bend"

Then complete the form in the link below. This will allow me to draw out a true template of your window shape. Then make a curved bay track with returns to fit it perfectly.

Measuring guide

After just having a look over this page again. I notice I have mentioned that when measuring for a ceiling fix track. You need to measure from the front edges of your window sill. However this should be only if you are having curtains to hang past the window sill.

In your case having curtains to hang to the window sill. you need to measure from the top of the window frame and the walls. Then give me the distance away you want to the track to fix to the ceiling.

I have put an image below of how your track will sit within the bay, to give you a visual.

I will alter the form to allow for your curtain situation later today. I think I have covered everything here. If not please feel free to ask more questions.

All the best


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