How to get the right size for a curved rail

by Dawn Luck
(Felisxtowe, Suffolk)

Hi my name is Dawn and we live in felixstowe Suffolk. we really are impressed with the look of these rails and though it would be perfect for what we want for our lounge as we are only hanging voile for now to soften the edge of the window and probably won't pull them.

The trouble is the window is a six sided slightly bent bay and out blinds stick proud of the frame so the rail will have to come in considerable from the frame due to this. So as the window ledge is a complete smooth round edge we thought from the ceiling and the look of it, it would be better following that rather than the six sided slightly bent frames.

I am hoping you will understand from the photos and of course we can have a chat on the phone about the measurements.

Hi Dawn

Thanks for getting in touch and I have sent you an email with a few questions regarding how the curtains are going to hang. Such as to the window sill. Or in front of and past the sill maybe down to the floor.

This will determine exactly where the track will fit to the ceiling. When it come to measuring up properly for curved bay windows like yours. Having more measurements is good. So to place an order all you need is a good idea of the total width around the curve of the bay where you think your track will fit. This does not need to be super accurate within 2 or 3cm is just fine.

After you place your order you will receive an email with a link to the page for measuring your bay shape accurately. This would be for the curved bay window.

In your case I would also email you a link to another measuring page. The one for the 7 sided bay window shape.

Then when filling in the curved bay sizes form. You would take all your sizes from the front edge of the window sill.

Then with the 7 sides bay sizes form you would take all your sizes from the back of the window sill where it meets the window frame.

There is box on either form where you can add additional details. In this box I would need you to let me know the depth of the window sill. Take one measurement from the middle of one of the window frames. Then take one measurement from where the frames join. This should be longer then the first sill depth size.

Then also let me know how far out the blinds stick out from the window frame. The blinds look like they have the 50mm slats. Which in theory would your blinds project out about 6cm from the frame.

With all these sizes I can draw out the complete bay window sill. Then work out the space the blinds take up. Then work out the best position for the track to fit properly.

I hope this helps you understand the process involved. I know it sounds like a lot of work but really it is very simple to do. You will then end up with a bay window curtain track that works exactly as you want it to.

All the best


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