Not sure where the track exact position / measurements to fit in the bay

by Stephen
(Keswick )

Hello Lee ,

Not sure of the exact positioning required of track in the bay ,measurements / distance from the front and the side of the bays

Should it be 6 inches ,4 inches or ( 2 inches in order to keep the curtains close to the bay sides .)

The BEDROOM windowsill measures 6 inches deep, we want the curtains to hang from the top to the floor in a straight line when pulled across the front this will cover the radiator at night,

At the same time we want the curtains to be kept tight in the corners close to the returns ,where it will fix to the wall on either side, as we don’t want all the curtains to fill the bay or as little as possible to be close on either side .

I measured the total length 384 cm following the bay window also adding 20 cm x2 for each side return
I hope this explanation makes sense, if you can contact us before you go ahead to discuss in detail for clarity.

Thank you

Stephen and April Wilders

Hi Stephen

Thanks for getting in touch and I hope we can help you with this project. The photos and your notes really help me understand what needs to be done.

What you needs is what we call a "Splay bay with returns track. This will have 2 bends within the bay. Then 2 bends out of the bay on the returns. You could choose to have the track in one piece. Or with an overlap in the middle. Great for blackout curtains. So one curtain would completely overlap the other when closed.

The track would be ceiling fixed within the bay and wall fixed on the returns.

If you curtains are to hang straight down even when closed. We would need to factor in the radiator as you mentioned.

As to the exact position of the track within the bay and as it returns out of the bay. This will be determined by the 15cm radius on the returns out of the bay. We would have to make sure the track did not catch the corners.

So if you are up for helping me with this. Before you make a commitment. I have put a link to the measuring page for your bay shape just below. This is the one you would have received if you placed an order through the website.

splay bay with returns sizes

If you complete all the info on this form and send if back to me.
I will draw out your bay. Then work out the exact best position for the track. Then I can email you back with a sketch and some sizes. You can then decide if the fit is as you would like it.

In the additional info box at the bottom of this form. Let me know if you would like the overlap option. Also how much more the radiator projects out from the front edge of the sill. I can then when I get back to with the sketch. I can also give to a total price including delivery.

All the best


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