Right way to fit a track in a square bay window

by Kathryn

Hi Lee

I want a curtain track for my square bay window. The window is flush with the ceiling - a little like the example photo on your site. I would like the curtain track to fit flush to the ceiling so it is not too noticeable when the curtains are open.

At present we have curtains set behind a valance, we will be removing the existing batons which are fixed to the ceiling to possibly replace with more discreet batons to attach the new track.

What is the best way to fix the curtain track to achieve this? Batons installed so we can fit to the front of the baton or with a ceiling bracket?

We have architrave at the ends so it would be feasible to fix the curtains to this which would give a stronger fix than just into the walls or the window frame. Do you think we could fit the track to the wall at this point and to the frame around the window?

Which is more ideal to get a flush finish to the ceiling? Sorry for all the questions but though it's probably very simple when you know how it's very difficult to find basic information. When the track is bent is it a gentle curve around the 90 degree angle?

I am thinking either french pleat double or triple curtain tops. Looking online I have seen articles where you can make a very simple curtain with a buckram heading and put the hooks you use for french pleats spaced along the curtain giving a wave effect when dressed. The advantage to the french pleat would be the curtains could be made to fit to the ceiling whereas the wave effect would be under the track.

The measurements of the bay are 226cm along the front and 90cm each side (these are the dimensions right into the angle of the window). Drop is 131cm. I am planning on making my own curtains. I have made curtains before on a few occasions but a few years ago so a bit rusty!

Kind regards, Kathryn

Hi Kathryn
I personally don't like battens fixed to a ceiling. I prefer to fix the track directly to the ceiling. You have to fix one or the other anyway. The track looks to much neater fixed this way.

What most people forget is that it is mostly the last couple of brackets on each end of the track that carry 80% of the weight. This is when your curtains are open to each side and hanging from these brackets. When your curtains are closed the curtain weight is evenly distributed between each bracket. So each bracket has to hold a lot less weight.

This means other than the end brackets all the others don't have to be as solidly fixed. Usually where you are fixing the end brackets is when the ceiling is at its strongest.

I only ever fix a curtain track bracket to plaster architrave when there is absolutely no other option. Which is almost never. Just to let you know that fixing in to a brick wall is a lot better option. A plaster architrave is exactly that just plaster, nothing really solid.

In bays where possible I like to ceiling fix the curtain track. This is assuming the ceiling is not a lot higher than the top of the window. If you have the bay track returning out on to the side walls facing in to the room. Then you can use wall fix the brackets there.

Finally good for you having a go at making your own curtains. It can be very rewarding creating things for your own home. You are right about the wave style curtains hanging from under the track. However as this track is very sleek and fits flush with the ceiling. My personal opinion is that it would look just fine.

Im trying to not forget to answer all your questions :-)

Just found another one asking about the track curve in the corners of your bay. The curves are made at 20cm radius. This is the smallest size to guarantee the track does not deform. Also just as important is the ability to pull your curtains around the bends smoothly. Any tighter bend and it becomes difficult to open the curtains as they bunch up at the corners and need to be shuffled around the bend.
I hope this covers most if not all of your questions and helps you get started.

All the best


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