Square bay window track measurments

by James

Hi Lee, I'm looking to put an order through for a bespoke curtain track for our square bay window.

However, I wanted to make sure I'm measuring appropriately before I make payment.

We want the curtains to drop to the window sill and rest just before the window sill ends - this is so the curtains aren't hitting any photo frames or ornaments when the curtains are shut (see attached).

When opened they'd be sat on the edge of the recess, (in other words we wouldn't have a return outside the recess). Am I correct in assuming I should be measuring the length of the window sill from where I'd be wanting the curtains to drop to?

Thanks, James

Hi James,

It looks like you forgot to leave your email address. So I hope you check back to see mt reply.

If I understand you correctly. You would like the curtains to hang towards the front of the window sill. But still hang down to be just off the sill and not in front and past of the sill.

So your curtains when closed will have the photo frames and ornaments behind the curtains. If so the best place to measure would be the front lip of the window sill. Do this for all 3 sides.

Then enter the total in the track width box on the order form. Then select option 1. Ceiling (within bay only) for the "where is the track fixing to" question.

Then select form the bending service drop down menu "Square bay with 2 bends".

Then after placing your order. You will be redirected to the order confirmation page. On this page is a big red button to press. This will take you to the final measuring page.

You will have a template to follow. We will need some more sizes so we know where to but the bends on your new bay track.

There is also a box called "Additional info". If you let me know how much the window sills stick out further than the side walls.

We can then deduct this from the side of bay sizes. This will make sure we make your track to fit within the bay when fixed to the ceiling.

Also, let us know how far back from the front lip of the window sill you would like the track to fit. Just be aware the brackets will project 2cm out of the back of the track. This is to make sure we leave enough space on the ends of the track where the side walls within the bay are.

I think that covers everything for now. As always just ask if you have any further questions.

You can also watch some of the measuring videos on this page here.

All the best, Lee

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