Can you do anything with this bay window?

by Tracy Revill

I have a 3 sided bay window, the dimensions are

24 inches x 68 x 24 with the side wall being 10 inches either side

The existing curtain pole isn’t very sturdy and I cannot get curtains to pull around due to the brackets

I would like full length curtains which means the rail needs to be proud of the window to allow the curtains to clear the radiator and sill

Hi Tracy

The good news is yes we can make a bay track to fit your window perfectly. I'm going to assume you will be keeping the boards fitted to the ceiling.

I'm also going to assume the front edge of the boards is in the correct position for fitting the track. That is so your curtains hang straight down where you want them to.

If any of my assumptions are not correct then let me know via the contact form here.

You will need what we call a "splay bay with returns" bay track. I would also probably make it so the face of the track fits flush with the front edge of the boards. This will give a really neat finish.

It would be top fixed (ceiling brackets) all the way around including the returns out of the bay on each side.

These tracks are custom-bent to fit your window exactly in our workshop and cannot be bent at home.

As a rough idea of cost, you would be looking at £200 including delivery. It could be more depending on what options or extras you might choose.

We Guarantee these tracks for 10 years. However, they will last longer if you give them a little spray in the glider channel with silicone spray once a year. You buy a can from most DIY stores.

These ceiling-fixed bay tracks are super easy to fit. Especially in your case being all ceiling (top) fixed. After your bay track has arrived and you unpack it. It will be packed in protective foam and taped to a wooden frame to keep its shape.

You will see it is fully assembled and can be held straight up to the front edge of the boards. Then secured in place with the 30mm screws provided.

You will need 2 people to fit this track. One holds one side up while the other holds and fits the screws in place. Then move over to the other side and fit some screws. It shouldn't take more than 10 to 15 minutes before you are ready to hang your curtains.

If you decide this is something you would like to order. Then simply enter the total track width in the box. In your case, this would be 136 inches.

Then select option 5. Track fixing to? Ceiling (with ceiling fix returns out of bay)

Then from the Bending service drop-down menu select option 2. Splay bay with returns 4 bends.

Then complete the other optional choices below.
This will give you a complete price.

I hope this helps you decide if what we offer works for you. Any other questions then please just get in touch.

All the best, Lee

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