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"Maker of top quality custom made bay window curtains tracks"               

Roller Blinds 

Roller blinds used to be very boring. Not any more with the amazing fabric choices available here. Take a look at the super smart "Senses" top cassettes and bottom bars lower down on this page. 

Just below are 5 rollers I fitted recently. They are a really smart but simple way to dress a bay window. It's fabric choice that really makes these blinds look fantastic.  we have 1,000's of fabrics to choose from. 

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Something to consider before buying roller blinds is how they are going to fit your windows. Wat do I mean by fit ?

Well are they going hang inside the window recess or maybe outside the window recess.  fixed to the wall over your window. 

Roller blinds fitted inside a window recess

 If you choose inside the window recess. Then your blind brackets should fit inside the entire width. So the brackets actually touch the sides of the recess on both sides.

The only other really important thing to remember is that the fabric will not cover the complete width of the recess. As a rule of thumb the fabric stop 2cm before the side of the recess on both sides. Why's that I hear you ask ;-)

I know it sounds obvious to me, as I'm dealing with this on a daily basis. For everyone else it's not something they have to think about very often if ever. 

The gap down the sides is all to do with the roller blind hardware. The brackets, tube and other bits that allow the blind to roll. These bits have to be wider than the blind fabric to allow it to rotate moving the fabric up and down.

There is nothing wrong with this and is the same on all roller blinds fitted in a window recess. It's just being aware before you commit to buying a roller blind. 

If a customer orders a blackout fabric roller blind. I always explain the side gaps to them before they commit to an order. It's only right and proper to make sure your new customer is aware.  That even though they have chosen a light blocking blackout fabric. It will make the room much darker when the blind is down. However there will still be light leaking down the sides and a little over the top of the roller.

So to recap, blackout fabric roller blinds DO NOT completely block all light coming in through your windows. Anyone who tells you different is telling you" porkies" .

Recently fitted motorised roller blinds. These have matching satin silver bottom bars and roller cassettes. They are powered by rechageable battery packs. So no hardwiring needed. In normal use they will only need charging a couple of times a year.

Also a geat idea on bi-folding doors as there are no chains hanging down. One that can be a safety hazard and secondly it just looks terrible.

Also because they are motorised and operated by the remote or from your phone. They last a lot longer because they are not being handled.  This helps justify the extra cost involved. 

If you are interested in getting a cost for some to fit your windows. Then just use the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch. 

Roller blinds fitted outside a window recess

Now lets chat about roller blinds that hang outside your window recess. To get a good idea of what this looks like. Take a look above at the middle image with the New York cityscape fabric. This one is fitted over the top of the window recess. It also has a co-ordinating cassette pelmet covering the roll and brackets. I think it gives a really smart look.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to fitting rollers in the recess or outside the recess. It's all down to personal preference.  I'm my humble opinion roller blinds can look very neat set back in a window recess. 

However there are sometimes good reasons to fit your blind outside the window recess. Maybe you have an inward opening window. Or maybe you have books, ornaments, flowers, Photo frames or other items you want to keep on your window sill. Then fitting the blind on the outside means you can keep all your window sill items where they are without knocking them every time you wind the blind down.

While I build more detailed pages for the blinds section here.  Why don't you just fill in a few details on the form below and we can give you more blind  information and an idea of what the costs will be.

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