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Planning and fitting

Hi Lee, my name is carol and I am looking for a track for my square bay. I'm planning a refurb of my living room, including re-plastering the ceiling,

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Essential tools for fitting curtains

These are 3 essential tools you will need for fitting our curtain tracks. The first is a pair of step ladders to reach the required height. The second is a drill with a 6mm masonry drill bit. The third item is either a cordless drill/driver or a manual screwdriver for driving in the screws.

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How to add or remove curtain track gliders

Discover how to add or remove gliders from our curtain tracks at ezecurtains.co.uk. It is a really simple process and should only take a minute or two.

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Curtain track shape

Hi, can you advise on the best rail shape for my bow windows, we have two windows the same. I'm thinking that a curved rail might be best as the radiator

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I'm unsure if I've picked the correct bay

I've attached pictures my curtains go ceiling to floor and obviously I have window sill so how far out from the edge of widows do you fit the curtains.

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Hi Lee Can I order curtains too? Thanks Lisa Warrington Hi Lisa Yes we sell curtains as well as bay window curtain tracks. If you get in touch with

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How to get the right size for a curved rail

Hi my name is Dawn and we live in felixstowe Suffolk. we really are impressed with the look of these rails and though it would be perfect for what we want

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Hi Lee-Please help with my queries?

Hi Lee, The Bay is uneven -it measures 14 cm on the left Straight (facing), 56cm on the diagonal window, 211 cm on straight, and then another 56cm on

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Are you able to supply a runner based overlap?

Hi I am in the process of measuring and working out angles for the track but need to know if you can supply a runner-based overlap for the middle of the

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Bay window - advice please

Dear Lee, We have a square bay window which will need a rail fixing to the ceiling. Our problem is that the window sills juts out so the curtain rail

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Where to put the track in my square bay window

Hello Lee I have a square bay and there is currently a plastic track screwed to the top of the frame. The wood slopes outwards slightly so the brackets

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Large square bay

We have a large square bay window approx 4200 wide x1100 deep. We are looking for a plain white curtain track which would allow a return bend in order

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Measuring question - square bay

Hi there, When measuring the length around the bay, should I measure against the wall right to the corners or measure the length I want the track i.e.

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How to mount rail with wood at either side of the bay

We need curtain tracks for two bay windows, one of them is straightforward but the other has a piece of wood at either side of the bay where the end of

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Can these tracks be used on a wall. I don't want them in the ceiling

I have some very heavy curtains (approx. 20 kg per curtain) and need a good bay window rail but not in the ceiling. Two bends in the bay and approx. 320

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