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extended bay track

(click on images above to enlarge) Hi we have a bay window with stained glass top lights. We want the rack to be fitted under the stained glass and to

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Inward opening windows

Hi Lee, There is very little clearance, 17mm, between the top of the window casement and the ceiling in our bay window. Would your rail be suitable? Thank

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Do these curtain tracks work for ripple fold curtains?

Can I put ripple fold curtains on the track or is there a specific track needed for them? Hi Manpreet Thanks for getting in touch and the answer to

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I would like to fit a strong track to 3 bay window - for v heavy curtains.

Hi Lee, Your tracks look great - nice and sturdy, neat & tidy. Would like to fit track above window and beneath coving - but only 3.5 cm clearance here.

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Do you sell curved bay window tracks for eyelet curtains?

I’d like eyelet curtains for my bay but can’t find a pole or track for eyelet curtains Hi Teena My business does not sell bay tracks or bay poles for

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Fixing rail to bay window ceiling

Hi Lee We have just moved into a new house. I love the bay window but I have never had one before so I am a little worried about how the rail and curtains

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Track bending service

Hi How do you know where to bend track? Hi Alice, The way it works is after you have filled out the bay window curtain track order form and made payment.

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contemporary window blinds

If you are looking for a contemporary window treatment. Then any of these contemporary window blinds will give you that modern super smart look

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plantation shutters

plantation shutters

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Curtain track for a square bay with inward opening windows

We have large square bays in bedrooms with four inward opening windows. There is no space above the window to fit a track, so it must be fitted to the

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Block out the light

We have large Victorian bays and a single window in our bedroom. We want to achieve as near blackout as possible in both the bay and adjacent side window.

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Blinds in my bay

Hi, I'm fitting blinds in my bay. They are at least 90mm off the window frame, 35mm for the handles and 60mm according to the blind manufacturer. I've

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pelmet or not pelmet?

Hello Lee Mark here in Cardiff. A few months ago we had our Victorian bay windows replaced with duplicated sliding wooden sash windows. The originals

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Bay window track

Dear Lee I see from some of the pictures that all the curtain tracks are fixed to the ceiling. Is this always the case as we are looking for a track

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Does the track need to be exactly level?

I live in an old house, where the ceiling above the bay is not level left to right across the window, or from the front to back of the recess. How important

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