How to use a tape measure

Hi. I'm Lee stevens from and I want us to talk tape measures to you for a moment so that you know what we need when you're taking your sizes.

Okay. So on the tape measure, we've got the big numbers on the top which are imperial inches, and on the bottom we've got metric, and we've got centimeters. And also the very small sections underneath are millimeters, we don't use millimeters on this website. So you're not going to enter two thousand one hundred and five millimeters. You're going enter two hundred and ten point five centimeters if you do it in centimeters.

So don't use the top, the big numbers used the smaller ones, but centimeters, not millimeters.


So when you've used it or when you're using a tape measure, it's better with two people, especially if you measure a bay window or a very wide window One person could pull the tape measure out to where you want it to be and put it in position.

The other person can pull it across to where it needs to be. And then take the measurement, then I suggest you swap over, do the same measurement again with the other person. They can double check your sizes. It's so easy to get sizes wrong. So a big common one is it should be one hundred and one centimeters and you write down one hundred and ten or it should be a hundred and ten and you write down a hundred and one centimeters.

So hopefully this video doesn't come across as being condescending It's for people that are not really confident and don't use a tape measure on a daily basis These are the basics, and I hope that was useful.

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