Measure for a bay track to hang long curtains

Measure for a bay track to hang long curtains

Hi. I'm Lee Stevens from, and people ask me, how do you measure up a bay window for a curtain track for hanging long curtains?

So let's go and have a quick look at how we're going do that. We're going to come past the window sill. Now either like these down to the floor, or just pass the window sill to the top of the radiator, but they're definitely in front of the window sill, not down meeting the windowsill.

Now, you're going to measure the front edges at the window sill in the bay. Now these are not particularly deep ones, some people have a lot deeper. You go into the front lip of the window sill and you could be measuring all the sides on the three sides. If it's a five-sided bay, you'd be measuring the five sides.

Now, the window sill on this splay bay comes out to the corner here, and we go round on what do we call the return. Now, if you've got a five-sided bay window, then you may have a better wall where the windowsill finishes. So you're going finish at the end of the window sill and then come onto the wall And if you're having a return, it will go out and you'll be measuring the wall on the side. On this particular example, we've got the window sill that sticks out here, and we'll have a look at that in a minute.

Okay. Sometimes when you've got returns on your windows and your tracks returning out to bring turns onto the side here. We talk about the return. Now what we both mean by the return is the return coming around here, but when we talk about return depth, We're not talking about the width there. We're talking about how much the sill projects out from the wall. So on this example, it's about four centimeters. So on this example, you would if you order an irregular track, you'd order the four-centimeter bracket to project the curtain track out from the wall four centimeters.

If you were choosing the slimline or the corded track, you'd choose the four-and-a-half-centimeter bracket so that the track projects out and round four and a half centimeters.

So just remember, the depth of the return is not this direction. It's out from the wall. You're going to be measuring around the full continuous width of the bay and the returns that's your total that you're going to put into the calculator to calculate the price for your bay track. Now once you have placed your order, you're going to receive a link to the final measuring page Now on that final measuring page, it's going to ask you for the sizes of your returns.

All the sides within the bay taken from the front edges of your windowsill facing into the room that is. And you're also going to be measured as for the measurement across the width of the bay.

From this side, this corner here on the window sill, To this corner here on the windowsill, you're also going to be asked for the diagonals. So on this example, you're going to take the corner of the windows ill here, the internal corner here, and you're gonna measure all the way across to the internal corner on the windows on this side, and then you're goning do the opposite from that side to this side.

Now, you can have letters A to B, B to C, C to D on your template. And below this video are some examples of the measuring position and the letters and you're going to put those measurements into the appropriate boxes on the final measuring form.

So that's all there is to it. If you have any questions, then please just ask.