Ezecurtains who are we?

Hi and welcome. I'm Lee Stevens from ezecurtains.co.uk, but you probably know that after whatching one or two of the other videos that we've got on this website already.

My ugly mug is everywhere. Right.

We're specialist makers of bay window curtain tracks, and we can do them to fit pretty much any shape. And I just want to show you what it is that we get up to here after you've placed your order. So let's go and have a quick look.

Here we have the workbench that we draw out all the sizes and details that you sent to us to create your bay template we can then present the tracks onto the table and bend them to fit perfectly following the template. So that makes it so simple to get everything spot on.

Here, we're bending our slimline hand draw curtain track to the angle needed for our latest bay track order.

Here, we're putting fillers into our regular bay track, and the fillers go into the glider channel and they go into the bracket channel to stop and collapsing when we bend the track. In the bending machine.

Here, we're on the bench now the assembly bench, and this is where all the gliders, end caps, end stops, and brackets are fitted. And also you can see on the bench, we've got some extras, curtain draw rods, and screws, plugs, hooks that have been ordered with this order.

Then the tracks get wrapped in brown protective paper and then they get put into the box ready for dispatch.

So now you've discovered what we're all about to easy curtains. The only thing left to do now is to get your ordering so get tracking, tape measure, and measure up your bay and you'll get a perfect fitting bay window curtain track and your curtains will open and close like they've never done before. So thanks for watching and, I look forward to helping you.