Measure for a ceiling mount bay window curtain track

Measure for a ceiling mount bay window curtain track

Hi, I'm Lee Stevens from, and I want to show you quickly how to measure your bay. This is after you've placed your order, and you've got the email and there's a link in the email that takes you through to the measuring page for your bay shape. Now, there are two main areas that you're going to measure.

It depends whether you've got long curtains, either past the windowsill or down to the floor, or whether you've got curtains that are going to come down to meet and sit towards the window sill. Then if they're going to meet towards the window sill, you're going to measure up against the frames around the window and maybe the small side walls on either side on the bay. That's your measuring position. You're measuring for the bay, not for the track.

We'll position the track within the bay, after you've given us these sizes. Now, more common is to have longer curtains in front of the window sill, like these ones, either down to the top of the radiator or maybe down to the floor. Now you're going to measure the front edge of the window sill facing into the room, round all the sides. And then if they're returning out of the bay, which is common, again, you're going to measure round the edge of the window sill here.

But you're also going to measure from the corner of the wall out, 20 centimeters approximately, so you add that into this bit of sill, so you're probably end up here with about 25 centimeters as a return. Sometimes the sills are a bit deeper on the ends and it's going to be a bigger return size that you end up with. Now we're also going to, oh, I'll just get my tape measure. We're also going to, you're asked on the form about the return sill depth.

Now that's how much this sill sticks out here on the side from the wall. So simply put your tape measure underneath, and measure how far it sticks out. Add that into the form, there'll be a box for that. And there are some images, photographs, below this video with dotted lines on for different shapes, showing you where to take your measurements from.

So have a look below this video and hopefully that helps you. Have any questions, then just get in touch and we'll guide you through. So thanks very much for watching this and I hope it's useful.