Am I measuring this correctly?

by Allen
(Vale of Glamorgan)

Bay window template

Bay window template

Hi Lee

I have just bought a new home with a light box attached to the kitchen / diner. We want to install a pair of wave curtains around the bay with the track overlapping in the centre of the French doors.

The track would run from the light switch on photo "left side of bay" and return to the equivalent position on the other side of the bay. Would it be correct that the track would have to run 9cm from the wall and around the bay.

I have attached a plan with measurements and added where I think the track would run with a dotted line. As soon as you can reassure me I'm on the right line I'd like to put an order in.

Also, when measuring for wave curtains do I measure the drop from ceiling to floor or do I take an about off to allow for the track?

One last thing I see your ordering app has an option for ordering more gliders. How do I know if I'll need more?

Look forward to hearing from you

Kind Regards


Hi Allen

Thanks for getting in touch and I hope we can help you with this project.

I have added some notes to your bay sketch. This shows the measuring positions. Points B & C are from the frame not the glass. Points A to D are measured across the bay wall to wall.

You don't need to make any allowances. We make those after drawing out your bay. Although you are correct that the track will sit inside theses bay sizes around 9cm. This allows the waves in the curtains to hang freely.

All you need to get started is to measure the sides of the bay. That is from the window frame to where you want the track to stop on the side wall.
double this for both sides. Then add the A to D size to this. This is the total width you will add in the calculator.

Then select the fixing option. All ceiling within bay only.

When you have placed your order you will get an email order confirmation. In this email is a link to the final measuring page for your bay shape.
This is where you will give me the sizes so we know where to put the bends. When it comes to giving us the diagonal sizes. Just enter 0 in these boxes. I can see your track is going to have 90 degree bends.

The wave style of track doesn't have an overlap option for the middle. The flat leading edges of the wave curtains come together and lie flat together when they meet.

As to extra gliders that is not an option on the wave track system. Only on the non wave tracks with standard loose gliders. With wave gliders they are all interconnected with thin cords. So you have the perfect number of gliders pre-fitted to your track. This will be an even number for each side.

I have put the link to the slimline wave bay track. If you prefer the Regular bay track style.
Then let me know and I will have to work our the price. Currently this page is not live on the website.

They are both equally good so just choose the style you prefer the look of.

Slimline wave bay track

All the best


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