Bay Angles

I presume at some stage I have to provide details of the angle of the splay?

Hi, You are correct that I will need to know what the bay angles are and also where they are. However, to keep things as simple as possible. The ordering process is split into two parts.

The first part is just providing the total width of the track, end to end. This does not need to be super accurate. Within a few cm's will be just fine.

Then select how your track is going to fit your bay. There are 5 options to choose from.

Then selecting your bay shape from the drop down menu. Just select the closest one. If unsure just click on any option to see an image appear. If that does not look correct. Then simply click on another option until you see one closest to your bay shape.

Then decide if you would like extra brackets of gliders.

Then select if you would like your track made in one complete piece. Or if you would like to chose one the overlapping track options.

There are extras you can order such as hooks or curtain draw rods should you want them.

Then finally enter your personal details and make payment. You will receive an automatic email that contains a link to the page on the website that deals with your bay shape. When you provide all the sizes as per the form on this page. These final sizes allow us to work out the angles and position.

You will be asked also to provide a least one photo of your bay window. You can do this either with your initial order. Or when you send your final sizes. On the measurement page, there is a template for you to follow. However, if you are unsure of anything before or during the process. You can just ask me a question.

I always look over your bay photo as I draw out your bay on the workbench. If something does not look right. I will query it with you before We start bending the track.

When it comes to sending over a photo of your bay. Stand well away and get a complete shot of the whole window showing both sides and the top and the floor level if possible. You can add an extra close-up photo if you want to show me more detail.

Finally, I take responsibility if your new bay track does not fit correctly. It rarely happens fortunately but none of us is perfect :-)

I hope this helps you understand the process and that we can help you get a great fitting and efficient new bay track.



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