Ceiling Track Problem

by Cath Evans

Hi, I have a vaulted ceiling in our new room and I wanted the wave type curtains, so that I can draw them back as far as possible to let the light in through the day. There is a wall on the LHS and I was hoping to be able to have one curtain running the whole of the bay, that I can then draw back to the LHS in the day. The other side is a straight window and then the bi-fold doors. I would potentially put matching blinds on the straight window and not sure yet about the bi-folds.

So, my question is, how can I get a track fixed to the ceiling so I don't need the middle bracket on the bay?
Also, any ideas on how to dress this vast window space---didn't think about the curtain pole when choosing the high ceiling!!



Hi Cath

Thanks for getting in touch and for adding the photos. It's not often I don't have a solution to a curtain enquiry. However, this is one of those occasions.

Even if the ceiling was capable of holding the weight of the wave curtains. The track would need to remain level all the way around the windows. This would mean some kind of wedges would need to be inserted between the ceiling and the top of the track. even if possible it would not be a good look.

Another factor would be the track length. Most tracks I supply come at a maximum of 6 metres wide. Looking at your windows and wall. I think that might not be enough. Having the track in 2 halves will cause the curtains to catch on the joint when moving around the bay end of the room.

It pains me to say that blinds would be the most practical solution for your windows. These could attach to the top of the window frames.

I hope you find a solution that works for you.

All the best, Lee

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