Double curtain tracks in bay wndow

by Chris

Hi, I am looking for solutions to hang sheer/net curtains in my bay window. Also, main working curtains on a front track.

The existing tracks are not suitable for my needs. Can you recommend a solution for this window?



Hi Chris

Firstly, Many thanks for getting in touch and I will probably need to see some more photos of your bay to be absolutely sure. You can attach some photos to the contact form here. Using a smartphone and open up the contact us page. Then click on the upload an image button. This will let you open your camera. Take a photo and it will automatically upload it to the contact form. repeat this for additional photos.

I could do with seeing a close-up of how the existing track is fitting. Also, close-up of the space above the track. Then a photo of the side of the bay. Best to unhook the curtain and move over to take the photo. I just want to see if the trim/coving is on the sides of the bay.

From what I can see so far I would recommend you fit your tracks to the ceiling within the bay. This will give you a far cleaner look. You can then still have sheer/net curtains hanging closer to the window but not touching.

Then hang your main curtains so they hang either to the front of the window sill. Or to hang longer in front of the window sill. You will be able this way to hang both sets of curtains with enough space between them. You will then not drag on the sheer/nets when moving the main curtains.

Once I have more photos I will then be able to advise you better. If you could also let me have the width of the 3 sides of your bay. I can then also let you have an idea of what it is likely to cost and supply these white metal double tracks.

They come made exactly to size and are completely assembled. All you will need to do is to unpack them and hold them up to the ceiling. Then drive the screws in place. Then only drill and plug the brackets that are not fitted solid enough.

I hope this helps you get started and if you have any further questions. Then please just add them to the contact form with your photos.

All the best


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