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My bay window

My bay window

Hi Lee,

my name is carol and I am looking for a track for my square bay. I'm planning a refurb of my living room, including re-plastering the ceiling, so don't really know when I will need my track fitting.

Is it prudent to wait until I need it before ordering, or would it be ok to buy it now, leave it in its package for later (could be September time ) . I am worried if I had an issue with the track I couldn't ask you if it was this length of time after receiving it.

The reason why I'm thinking of buying now is it helps me spread the cost as it's going to be an expensive job and I prefer to buy bits at a time


Kind regards,

Hi Carol

Thanks for getting in touch and I hope I can help you with this project.

It is really down to you when you would like to place an order. I do understand you are probably wanting to tick this item off your to-do list :-)

However, I do understand your worry that in a few months if the track does not fit or is damaged when opened. You wonder whether I would put things right.

Other than me getting run over by a bus crossing the road. I would simply offer you a replacement with no argument. Obviously, a photo showing the issue would be good.

On very rare occasions we make an error when making our tracks. I'm amazed how little it happens, we simply remake the track and it goes to the front of the queue.

Again on rare occasions our carrier Tuffnells somehow manages to bend our tracks where they should not have bends. It is the same again we remake asap.

So now or later is fine with us. Just do what works best for you

All the best


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