by Donald

Good morning Lee
I believe our splayed bay has 45degree angles but wonder if you need to know this ...or are splayed windows always 45 degrees.??

Thank you



Hi Donald

I think you asked me a previous question but did not give your name. So I won't go into massive detail about bay angles here but just provide a link to the page where I gave my reply regarding other angles at the bottom of this page.

However, just before you click on the link below. A typical bay will have angles of around 135 degrees. Having said that I have dealt with all sorts of angles on bay windows.

So the way we work is to not ask for the bay angles. We just ask you to follow a template when measuring. These template sizes then allow us to work out the bay shape and the angles.

This is the link to the page explaining the whole ordering and measuring process.

Ordering and measuring process

If you have any further questions. You can simply use the contact form on the website to ask me a question and send me a photo.



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