Double tracks

by Des

If I want to hang voile and curtains separately, on a left hand bay type but actually one side a window and the other bifold doors, can I get a double track or do I need two tracks, one in front of the other. I’m presuming ceiling-fitting would be best for this?

Hi Des

Thanks for getting in touch and you are correct ceiling fixed would look the best. Also, it would be the most practical way of doing this job.

Also as you expected you will simply need 2 tracks on each side. One in front of the other with a 10cm gap between. More if you are planning on hanging wave-style curtains.

Another thing to think about is the curtain configuration. Do you plan on having single curtains on each side. Then they close to meet in the corner of the room. I would say looking at your room photo that would be the best way to approach this project.

Another thing to consider is whether you want hand draw curtain tracks. Maybe with curtain draw rods to open the curtains.

Or maybe you would prefer to have cord-operated curtain tracks. Each side would have its own control.

Finally, the vast majority of customers choose white tracks to blend in with white ceilings. We do also offer some of our regular tracks in black and silver.

If you wish to explore the options further. Then please get in touch with us via our contact form here. Let us know how wide each side is and if you have any preferences. We can then give you some ideas of the likely cost.

All the best


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