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by Heather Halls

1. I want to add some curtains to the blinds I have in my bay window as it feels cold in the winter but don't want to block out any light when they are open.

2. The window sill is 19cms deep so I don't know how to hang a full length curtain.

3. If I choose a sill length curtain which size brackets would I need to use? The picture rail and blind closures stick out around 4 cms.

4. Can I have just one curtain which when fully opened sits in front of the wall on the right? Or would this look weird?

Any suggestions you can give me to help me to work this out would be appreciated. Photos would be great. I had curtains before, but they were attached to an ugly piece of wood that sat on top of the picture rail.

I am having trouble transferring the photos from my phone to my PC today.

Hi Heather

Thanks for reaching out and I have several options for you today. The first is to have sill-length curtains hanging from our slimline track. These would be on 7.5cm projection wall brackets.

The next option would be to use our double-track brackets. However, just use the front on the bracket to give you a 15cm bracket projection.

I have added another image below with a small piece of the track fitted in the front of the longer reach bracket.

This is the longest reach wall fix bracket we have. You could use this to hang longer curtains maybe down to the floor. It's not perfect and the sill would push the curtains out a few cm's. It should look nice.

The final option would be to have the track fitted to the ceiling just in front of the coving. The track would return out of the bay on each side. We have done this many times and it works well.
This would give you perfectly hanging long curtains that clear the window sill.

You can see an image below of a track fitted to the ceiling in front of the coving. The curtains have the wave heading effect.

This one is of our regular bay track profile fitted with 8cm wave gliders. All ceiling brackets.

As to your question regarding having a single curtain to the right. This is an option should you wish. However, I personally think this bay window would look more balanced with a pair of curtains.

Another thing I need to mention is that all our bay tracks are made in 2 halves that meet in the middle. This is due to the transport size restrictions we have to work with.

Both the slimline track and our regular tracks. Have heavy-duty joining splices. This means that the gliders would pass the centre join in the tracks without snagging.

We also on the regular track offer the option to have the tracks overlap as below. This is a great option when fitting to the ceiling.

Finally, if you went with the wall brackets options. then you will probably need to use screw eyes to close the outside edges of the curtains. So you don't have any gaps. Click the image below to watch the video on this page.

I hope this info helps you decide if any of these options are what you are looking for. If you need any further help please get in touch here Contact Us

All the best,


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