Which is the best option for our box bay.

by Lesley

Hi Lee

We have a box bay and are thinking of wall over window/​Window frame (with returns out of bay wall fix) with overlap track right over left. Would this be the best solution?

We are also interested in sill length curtains and pelmet to come around the bay on to the wall but not sure how that would look. Where do we measure from? We are going to restore the coving - which is why we are thinking of wall not ceiling track.

Hi Lesley

Thanks for getting in touch and for the photo of your bay window. I have put an image of your bay with some blue dotted lines just below. You will be measuring the walls over your windows. Effectively just under the existing curtain track.

I'm not sure if you want the curtains and pelmet to stay within the bay. Or to return out of the bay on each into the room.

If staying just within the bay. Then ignore the A to B & E to F dotted lines.

If you are planning on having a curtain track only. Then this would be as you say wall fixed under the coving. If it is to stay within the bay. Then 4cm wall brackets would work well.

If it is returning out of the bay on each side. Then either the sides within the bay. Or alternatively on the returns out of the bay. Then you would need to use 7cm projection brackets. This is to allow the track space to curve back out of the bay onto the return walls. I hope that makes sense.

However, having said all of the above. If you are planning on having a pelmet. Either soft gathered or padded upholstered. Then I would not wall fix the track. It would be best to top fix the track.

The reason is you would fit a pelmet top board over your windows. This board would be 15cm deep just like a shelf. The curtain track would then fit to the underside closer to the windows/wall. Then the pelmet would attach to the front edge of the board using velcro (hook & loop) tape.

You can see a pelmet top board with a pre-fitted track on a video on this page below.

Bay window curtain pelmets

I hope all of the above makes sense to you. However, I'm sure you will have more questions as you move along. If so just get in touch using the contact form here.

All the best


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